compulsive gambler

Questions for a Gambler

August 1, 2017 mike 0

If you think you may be a compulsive gambler or have a serious problem, here are some questions to ask yourself (or get someone to ask you). There’s no point in lying – especially to yourself – especially now. So be as honest as you can!   Am I a […]

we can help gambling addicts to recover

Introduction – Readme

August 10, 2017 mike 0

This blog is for people that need help – gambling addicts and their friends, families and loved ones. The very fact that you’re here means that you have already pushed yourself (or others) to your limits and beyond. ‘Normal’ is a distant memory and no longer applies to your behaviour […]

spotting addiction signs

How to Spot a Gambling Addict

August 20, 2017 mike 0

It’s difficult to spot an addict in the wild as very few actually admit to being one, even with a gun to their head! But if you know what you are looking for, there ARE addiction signs. Prior to treatment, every addict is in the denial phase and when confronted […]

affected by gambling

Questions for Someone Affected by Gambling

August 25, 2017 mike 0

Love ones and families are often the first to be affected by gambling. If you are worried that someone close to you may have a gambling problem, here are some questions to ask yourself. Tune out what you are being told, and for 3 minutes think for yourself and come […]


Why not just come clean?

August 30, 2017 mike 0

Seriously? The gambler will do anything and everything to keep his shameful secret from being discovered by the people around them.   The Gambler and the Awful Truth If the family or loved one was to hear the truth about the thousands of hours spent gambling when they been told […]