Gambling Addiction Book

Want to Know the TRUTH about Gambling?

January 31, 2019 mike 4

WHY DO some people gamble normally while others can’t stop, end up in debt, stressed out and suicidal? WHAT is actually different about them and HOW did they get this way? No-one has dared to ask these questions before… until now. And the answers are simply astonishing. This ground-breaking book […]

Gambling MRI scan

Watching Gambling inside a MRI Scanner

February 21, 2019 mike 0

      Watch Tony Franklin’s brain get excited even thinking about Gambling in this amazing BBC Panorama documentary. It clearly shows the reward system lighting up (obviously prior to the prefrontal cortex shutdown phase).    

brain prefrontal cortex gambling

Appendix VI – Prefrontal Cortex Research Links

February 15, 2019 mike 0

If you haven’t read the book yet then this post won’t mean much to you. But here is just a small selection of articles and tests regarding PFC interference or shutdown. A search of Google Scholar and other resources suggest there could be in the region of 100+ studies with […]