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we can help gambling addicts to recover

This blog is for people that need help – gambling addicts and their friends, families and loved ones.

The very fact that you’re here means that you have already pushed yourself (or others) to your limits and beyond. ‘Normal’ is a distant memory and no longer applies to your behaviour or circumstances. Every day you live a lie, which you do your utmost to keep secret. And so far you have not been successful in solving your problem, despite your best efforts.

As Einstein famously said, a definition of insanity is:

doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

And yet that is what millions of gambling addicts do every single day… and can see no way out of the vicious circle they find themselves in.


What will I learn here?

In this blog we cover the practicalities of addiction, which has a lot in common with other addictions like food, sex, gambling, alcohol, porn, games, shopping, drugs or anything else that we humans can become fixated on. You will discover that they are really all the same thing, and have the same underlying behaviours and treatments.

In addition we’re shortly bring out a book for gambling addicts to help them turn their lives around within 30 days, so make sure you’re on the mailing list. You will learn what to do about the gambling, and the practical things you can do starting immediately that will immediately alleviate the stress in your life and get things back on track within 7 days.


Is the blog just for Gambling Addicts?

The blog is written for 2 types of reader:

  • those that think they may have a gambling addiction problem
  • those that are affected by a someone with a gambling problem
    (ie. partners, family members, friends, etc).

Both parties need to read & re-read this information, because both sides will need to work together to successfully address the problem.


Is the Blog written by a Gambling Addict?

First of all here is my gambling resume, for want of a worse description…

  • gambling since the age of 9, compulsive since the age of 18
  • left university through gambling
  • barely remembering my entire 20’s due to compulsive gambling and the 24hr lifestyle that went with it
  • treating my family like dirt
  • having a breakdown through gambling, ending up being homeless
  • stealing money from my employer to fund my gambling addiction, resulting in a 3yr sentence and a criminal record

Luckily for you I hauled my sorry ass to Gamblers Anonymous (GA) where I:

  • learned a lot about my dependency and the how I was a gambling addict (which I didn’t properly admit for some time)
  • helped run my own group then started several others and helped them grow
  • liaised with prisons and initiated inside meetings & visits to help people who weren’t able to attend GA meetings
  • got involved in all levels of GA including performing TV & Media and looking after the Fellowship Magazine
  • implemented and help man 24hr Gambling Helplines
  • helped many hundreds of people stop gambling without slipping back
  • been personally off gambling for 25 years

I wouldn’t normally say all that, but I want you to know that you are in good hands.

And if you like this site then please leave a comment on any of the posts – it will help encourage me to write more.

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Ready to re-join the Human Race?

If you’re ready to say enough is enough, and are prepared to do whatever it takes to stop your life (or someone elses’) from falling apart, then you’re in the right place.

So get ready to get back on track – this blog will guide you through gambling addiction and out the other side .

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