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Online Recovery Community

GamHelp is a community for problem Gamblers and the people close to them. It's an independent support network that can be used on its own, or to complement existing actitivies like counselling, the NHS, GA and Gamcare in order to assist short & long term recovery. The site is operated by recovering Gamblers & their families who volunteer their time & experience, supporting each other and sharing what works.

Access to the GamHelp community and most of its resources are free, and people can remain as anonymous as they wish. The only requirement to join is a desire to get life back on track, and through shared experiences help others along the way.

Support from Parliament, Parents of Gambling Suicide, and Campaigners

Carolyn Harris MP, Deputy Welsh Minister
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CrowdFunding Donations Site

To help raise the funds needed for various projects, I created our very own Crowdfunding donations site,

This enables us to use ALL of the money raised for projects without paying fees.In the future I also hope to open this up to other organisations, in order that they can raise money for their vital projects without having to pay a commission to a 3rd party.

Gambling Industry

Webiste highlighting the many instance of gambling-related Harm, and the associated gambling-related suicides (as many as two a day, every day)

Employee-Fraud Gambling

Employee Fraud Webinar & Ebook

Employee Fraud shut up x6 times in the last year alone, and suprise suprise - Gambling is now the 2nd biggest factor behind it.So we have put together an hour long presentation for Employers, Senior Managers and small business owners.

Podcast Gambling

Other Bits & Pieces

Various Interviews and Podcasts which we will shortly be collating into a consistent format for people to exerience, learn from, share and comment on.

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