Treatment of Gambling Addiction


For more information on how to overcome your gambling compulsion, contact any one of the following UK organisations for treatment.

If you haven’t already, ask yourself these questions.


Organisations for the Treatment of Gambling Addiction

Gamblers Anonymous (GA) UK – the leading organisation for people with a compulsive gambling problem – no professionals, just people like you that are overcoming the problem and getting their life back (worked for me)

Gamblers Anonymous Scotland – the Scottish arm of GA

GamCare – professional organisation with helplines, referrals to counsellors, etc




When should I contact them for treatment?


But if you’re reading this now, then do it NOW.

Don’t even put it off for another hour – by then it will be too late.

And if you need any more motivation to seek help, and can’t get yourself to take action, follow the instructions below.


5 Questions to Ask Yourself: “What has Gambling cost me?”

If you’ve got the guts and are serious about making a change, do the following to wake yourself up:

  1. MONEY – get your phone out and add up how much you roughly get through a week, times by 50 (weeks) then times by the number of years that you’ve been gambling. This is your number, write it down.
  2. TIME – do the same with time. Input how many hours per week, times by 50, then times by the number of years that you’ve been gambling. This is your other number. Move onto the next question.
  3. CONSEQUENCES – put down on a piece of paper or on PC/phone a list of ‘casualties’ from your gambling – relationships, lost jobs or opportunities, as well as material things you have lost.
  4. DEBT – jot down your approximate debt (all of it)
  5. MIRROR – Now go and find a mirror. Try looking at yourself for 30 seconds, if you can. Make yourself do it.

This is a crossroads mement. You need treatment urgently. Either follow through or go back and ruin yourself and everyone around you for another 5 years, then come back.


Now make that call or get on that website to find the nearest meeting and run to it before you change your mind.

The situation will be even worse next week / next month so no more excuses.

Speaking from Experience

  • I had a breakdown through gambling and found myself homeless, at the age of 22.
  • I spoke to a counsellor. He gave me the address of GA, a 15 minute walk away.
  • I didn’t go.
  • 6 years later I had got through another £100,000.
  • Then I “borrowed” from my employer and was arrested for Theft.
  • On police bail I called GA and found the nearest meeting and got treatment.


I should have done it sooner – a lot sooner – it cost me some of the best years of my life.

Do it now.

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